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# This is the directory to save original GD32VF103 Firmware Library
For more comprehensive information, please visit www.riscv-mcu.com
# New development environment choices for GD32VF103
Nuclei have released [NMSIS](https://github.com/Nuclei-Software/NMSIS) and [Nuclei SDK](https://github.com/Nuclei-Software/nuclei-sdk)
to provide better support for Nuclei RISC-V Processor including GD32VF103.
We have modified the gd32vf103 firmware library to match NMSIS design,
which you can play with it using the following platforms:
* [Nuclei SDK](https://github.com/Nuclei-Software/nuclei-sdk)
* [PlatformIO For Nuclei](https://github.com/Nuclei-Software/platform-nuclei)
* [Nuclei Studio IDE](https://www.nucleisys.com/download.php)
* [Segger Embedded Studio](https://www.nucleisys.com/upload/files/doc/ses/Nuclei_SES_IDE_QuickStart_202008.pdf)
We also released a development board call [**Nuclei RV-STAR**](https://www.nucleisys.com/developboard.php),
which you can play with it by following https://doc.nucleisys.com/nuclei_board_labs/.
To learn about **Nuclei Software Platform**, please click https://doc.nucleisys.com
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