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## Features
- Graphical user-interface on top of [Wine](
- **Graphical user-interface** on top of [Wine](
- Creating a new machine using an **easy step-by-step wizard**
- Application list per machine (with _search feature_)
- **Application list** per machine (with _search feature_)
- Editing and removing Windows machines in a _breeze_
- One-button click for configuring and changing settings (like installing DirectX **has never been so easy**)
- One-button click to open the `C:\` drive, simulate a reboot or kill all Windows processes (in case you need it)
- Configure window **installing additional software** with just a single click (like installing DirectX)
- **One-button click** to run a program, open the `C:` drive, simulate a reboot or kill all processes
## Development
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