Commit 1618abfc authored by Melroy van den Berg's avatar Melroy van den Berg

Fix merge conflict

parent e63edd30
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......@@ -94,11 +94,7 @@ void SignalDispatcher::DispatchSignals()
menu.give_feedback.connect(sigc::mem_fun(*mainWindow, &MainWindow::on_give_feedback));
menu.show_about.connect(sigc::mem_fun(about, &AboutDialog::run_dialog));
about.signal_response().connect(sigc::mem_fun(about, &AboutDialog::hide_dialog));
<<<<<<< HEAD
>>>>>>> master
// Distribute the active bottle signal
mainWindow->activeBottle.connect(sigc::mem_fun(manager, &BottleManager::SetActiveBottle));
mainWindow->activeBottle.connect(sigc::mem_fun(editWindow, &EditWindow::SetActiveBottle));
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