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Add more info about lbrynet

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......@@ -110,8 +110,13 @@`)
.then(result => {
text += `*General* 🖥
Lbrynet daemon running: ${result.is_running}
Lbrynet connection: ${result.connection_status.code}`
Lbrynet Daemon Running: ${result.is_running}
Lbrynet Connection status: ${result.connection_status.code}
Lbrynet Block Headers status: ${result.result.startup_status.blockchain_headers}
Lbrynet DHT status: ${result.result.startup_status.dht}
Lbrynet Hash Announcer Status: ${result.result.startup_status.hash_announcer}
Lbrynet P2P server status: ${result.result.startup_status.peer_protocol_server}
Lbrynet DB status: ${result.result.startup_status.database}`
.catch(error => {
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