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3. Start Docker container by providing the `config.yml` from outside the Docker container (by default using current working directory, `pwd`, on your host machine):
docker run --restart always -v $(pwd)/config.yml:/app/config.yml -d danger89/index-bot
docker run --restart always -p -v $(pwd)/config.yml:/app/config.yml -d danger89/index-bot
*Note:* The command above should pull the image automatically from Docker Hub.
You can also use `docker-compose`, see [docker-compose.yml](docker-compose.yml).
### Plain terminal
Follow the steps:
......@@ -73,4 +75,4 @@ The following settings require definitely some attention during setup:
## Useful links
* [More info about VIX]( (Dutch)
* [More info about S&P 500]( (Dutch)
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* [More info about S&P 500]( (Dutch)
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